Perhaps it’s a bit too early to celebrate, but E4D definitely hit a milestone yesterday (2 May 2013), as we registered and started training our first six E4D participants!

The six ambitious young women, ranging in age from about 17 to 26, all presently live and work full-time service jobs in the vicinity of the Brahmapuram area of Vellore, Tamil Nadu.  Their goals in joining E4D are quite varied — one plans to learn computers, with the goal of advancing in her current job, while another matter-of-factly declared her intention to become a police officer.  All six women require further education to achieve their goals, but they cannot risk losing their current jobs.

As part of the registration process, the new participants each spent 1-2 hours with one of our awesome volunteer academic counsellors — Sonali Deshpande and Spandana Chervu, thank you so much for your patience and commitment!

Sonali and Spandana had the dual task of teaching the women basic computer skills and gathering information about their educational objectives.  By the end of the first session, each participant had created her first email account and learned how to login/logout, copy/paste text, and compose/read email messages.  They will return later today to complete the intake process, after which they will begin an online course covering the basics of MS Windows and Office Suite.


Sumithra teaching new participants basic computing skills

The photo shows Sumithra Sriram, another of our volunteer counsellors, working with new E4D participants on basic computing skills. [6 May 2013]



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