My motivation for E4d

When I came to know about the “Education for development” project. I thought this is what I actually wanted to do in my life. A feeling came into my heart that I can change the Education system of India through E4d. This is the big platform for me to act and get results.

I feel that there is a lack of quality education between the school and College. What is lacking? That is the question! I strongly feel that what today’s university is offering is just the pressure. One thing because of which we Indians are not able to grow intellectually is the pressure. Our teachers just want to give us the pressure, so that they think we can perform better. But giving pressure every time is not good.

So much pressure kills the innovation and creativity of a student. This system is destroying the future of our nation.
There is no place for Innovation or New Idea, only Cramming. Just cram when you are in school or in college.
Just run for the good grades. We are not taught how to approach a problem neither given a space to think.
These were the thoughts that came when I heard of E4d. Thats why I joined the project. I wholeheartedly worked and is regularly working for the same.

I have a punch line for E4d –

“We at E4d are the revolutionaries of today’s modern India. Want to improve the thinking of every Indian and all those who think that India cannot Succeed.”

One comment on “My motivation for E4d

  1. akshat says:

    So very true ! and apt punch line. And yes the thinking needs to be changed.. 🙂
    Lets make it Happen !

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