The India Of My Dreams

Sixty Five years ago, as the clock struck midnight on the 15th of August, 1947, India’s first ever Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru said, “Long ago, India had made a tryst with destiny, and it is time she redeems her pledge. As the world sleeps, India awakes to life and freedom.”

And it was a hard won freedom. It was a freedom earned by shedding the life-blood of its sons and the heart-blood of its daughters; millions of men and women who kissed the noose because they believed in a dream.  A dream of an India where all classes of men live equally, where there is no fragmentation based on religion, an India which does not tolerate the oppression of a man by another.

Sixty five years since independence, and this dream is yet unfulfilled. Why? Is it because the government does not care? Before we go trashing the administration, let’s take a hard, long look at ourselves. What we, as individuals, have done to realize this dream? We all live our lives, a family, kids, and a comfortably paying job. Is that enough? Do we owe nothing to the countless millions who sacrificed everything they had so that we could have a future?

I do. I owe my existence, mind, body and soul, the fact that I’m still breathing, to them. I’ll do whatever it takes to make that dream come true. E4D makes me believe that I’m not alone in trying to achieve the India of our dreams. We at E4D, believe that an education can shape the way people think and act. Education is a catalyst which will speed India’s road to all that she dreams to achieve. E4D intends to make that happen.


Proactive People Survey!!

Okay people, wherever you are, whenever you have 5 minutes to spare,

WE NEED YOU to start surveying “regular” Indian folks, aged 17 and up —

They might be your friends, siblings, parents, cousins, or anyone in
your extended family.
They might be housekeepers, home makers, shop workers, auto drivers,
servers, gardeners, carpenters, petrol station attendants, security
guards, pickpockets, cow herders…

They MUST be Indian residents, and have basic literacy in at least one language (any language)

Brief, fixed interview format —

Your job is to ask the questions, in whatever language appropriate,
and note the person’s responses, for entry into our form:

Please survey as VARIED a group of people as possible.

Thank you for supporting E4D!

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Een tijdschrift stuk tekst learnenglish jongeren verenigd koninkrijk overheid 20 manieren publiceren eerste-rate schrijf-up pen periodieke schrijven van het artikel leren training

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My motivation for E4d

When I came to know about the “Education for development” project. I thought this is what I actually wanted to do in my life. A feeling came into my heart that I can change the Education system of India through E4d. This is the big platform for me to act and get results.

I feel that there is a lack of quality education between the school and College. What is lacking? That is the question! I strongly feel that what today’s university is offering is just the pressure. One thing because of which we Indians are not able to grow intellectually is the pressure. Our teachers just want to give us the pressure, so that they think we can perform better. But giving pressure every time is not good.

So much pressure kills the innovation and creativity of a student. This system is destroying the future of our nation.
There is no place for Innovation or New Idea, only Cramming. Just cram when you are in school or in college.
Just run for the good grades. We are not taught how to approach a problem neither given a space to think.
These were the thoughts that came when I heard of E4d. Thats why I joined the project. I wholeheartedly worked and is regularly working for the same.

I have a punch line for E4d –

“We at E4d are the revolutionaries of today’s modern India. Want to improve the thinking of every Indian and all those who think that India cannot Succeed.”

PERKS IDEAS for an E4D Indiegogo Campaign?

“A perk is something you offer people in exchange for their contribution. Perks give contributors an additional non-monetary incentive to support your campaign.” []

Akshat Wahi suggested that we can give away “E4D Stereo Can Speakers” (custom i4d design) as an Indiegogo perk — for example, if someone donates >$100 to the E4D campaign.

What other *awesome* perks can we offer prospective donors? Please add your ideas in the comments below….

Perky guidance:


Perhaps it’s a bit too early to celebrate, but E4D definitely hit a milestone yesterday (2 May 2013), as we registered and started training our first six E4D participants!

The six ambitious young women, ranging in age from about 17 to 26, all presently live and work full-time service jobs in the vicinity of the Brahmapuram area of Vellore, Tamil Nadu.  Their goals in joining E4D are quite varied — one plans to learn computers, with the goal of advancing in her current job, while another matter-of-factly declared her intention to become a police officer.  All six women require further education to achieve their goals, but they cannot risk losing their current jobs.

As part of the registration process, the new participants each spent 1-2 hours with one of our awesome volunteer academic counsellors — Sonali Deshpande and Spandana Chervu, thank you so much for your patience and commitment!

Sonali and Spandana had the dual task of teaching the women basic computer skills and gathering information about their educational objectives.  By the end of the first session, each participant had created her first email account and learned how to login/logout, copy/paste text, and compose/read email messages.  They will return later today to complete the intake process, after which they will begin an online course covering the basics of MS Windows and Office Suite.


Sumithra teaching new participants basic computing skills

The photo shows Sumithra Sriram, another of our volunteer counsellors, working with new E4D participants on basic computing skills. [6 May 2013]



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