PERKS IDEAS for an E4D Indiegogo Campaign?

“A perk is something you offer people in exchange for their contribution. Perks give contributors an additional non-monetary incentive to support your campaign.” []

Akshat Wahi´╗┐ suggested that we can give away “E4D Stereo Can Speakers” (custom i4d design) as an Indiegogo perk — for example, if someone donates >$100 to the E4D campaign.

What other *awesome* perks can we offer prospective donors? Please add your ideas in the comments below….

Perky guidance:

One comment on “PERKS IDEAS for an E4D Indiegogo Campaign?

  1. Rajat Mishra says:

    This concept design for a donated amount of $50 or $30. Instead of equalizer, a E4D logo will be made. Controller can be lilypad. I would definitely buy one !
    I had posted this in the main fb group too but no one has responded so re-posting it here.

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