Standing Up for Gender Equality…IN INDIA!!!





Awesome, justice-loving people around the world have started writing open letters in support of S—— C——, a VIT University student, who has been removed from the campus (indefinitely) for standing up for gender equality at her Institution.


›› Here’s some BACKGROUND of the story up till now.

›› And here are some LETTERS OF SUPPORT   (published with each author’s permission)encouraging VIT University’s administrators to commit unequivocally to gender equality/gender-neutral policies, and to allow S—— to return to her studies immediately, without facing negative repercussions for her just stance.


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6 comments on “Standing Up for Gender Equality…IN INDIA!!!

  1. amit says:

    thing is ,they are threatening other students by doing such things,so that no one can raise there noise against any rule(restriction).students wants to raise there voice.but they cant .student council is in there hand.
    they must see why there own students are going against them..and raising voice on internet ,not telling them… because there is no other why to say there point….there must be a open discussion on rules.

  2. likhitha ponnam says:

    you know what we can not ask people for much time u will fight may be for few years then afterwards?? this people should change them selves .but i really like your spirit .keep it as u like

  3. Sudha Samyukta says:

    I support her cause of Gender equity. it is time when campuses put this in practice and not just in their statements.

  4. Rishika says:

    I support your cause! you go girl! If somebody is trying to bring you down that means you are doing exactly the right thing!

  5. Somen Kumar says:

    Spandana Cheruvu, there are people who are against gender discrimination and it does mean something to them………..standing up does need a lot of guts and u have shown that u r strong enough…….and I hope that some day the deaf ears will also hear all this!!!!!!!!

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