VIT Female Student Survey

Education for Development {E4D} Trust is conducting a survey of female VIT University students residing in the VIT ladies’ hostels. All names, email addresses and registration numbers will be kept strictly confidential. Please note that E4D is completely independent of VIT University.

The survey itself can be filled by female VIT students here:

Anonymized results from this survey will be updated once daily here:

We understand that the VIT administration is none too pleased with this exercise in democracy. The VIT students who bravely helped to initiate this opinion poll have been threatened repeatedly, but to no avail. E4D is not a VIT entity; quite the contrary. E4D has formed in response to the overwhelming shortcomings of the current private university system.

We believe with all our hearts that India is far better than the sum of her fears. To those private university students brave enough to record their opinions with us, we salute you, and we will maintain your confidentiality always. Your courage forges the path forward.

To those still fearfully hiding in the shadows, we understand. Change is near. Stay hopeful!

-The E4D Team

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